The company G. NATSIKAS & SIA EE with distinctive title EUROTECO was established in the year 1993 and has trace out a successful route in the field of environment holding a long term experience in the supply of integrated technological solutions in the treatment of civil and industrial waste water, potable water treatment, air deodorization, solid waste management and alternative forms of energy.

The company collaborates with a number of nominated houses of the International market such us API, EMO, O.E.I, HYDROTECH, NORDIC WATER GROUP, WAM GROUP, SIMECO (ex MECANA).

With main target the reliability and functionality of the supplied equipment which is already installed to numerous treatment plants in the Greek territory the company's object is:

  1. Commercialize specialized equipment through it's International collaborators for which assumes the design, the full technical support and installation if required, and
  2. The execution under the form of study and construction of "turn key" electro mechanical works on the environment.

Additionally through its vast net of specialized collaborators in the Greek and foreign market is capable of supplying solutions on complex problems regarding it's filed of interest.